Kids Montessori Academy

About Our School About

Kids Montessori Academy utilizes the Montessori method of teaching. Through this method, a child's inquisitive mind is stimulated and challenged through a hands-on approach employing multi-age materials. This results in a child's interest in learning. Our Montessori classrooms encourage children to explore their independence and express their ideas. This process is one of discovery.

Children can do their own investigating, analyzing, and come to their own conclusions by asking the right questions. The curriculum at Kids Montessori Academy is composed of meaningful and self-paced lessons. This develops a strong sense of confidence, concentration and skills.

There are four Primary Developmental Principles in Montessori:

Language: Introduced via a phonetic approach to reading, speaking, vocabulary and writing which enhances the communication skills.

Mathematics: Through the use of Montessori materials such as numbers and symbols, children develop the ability to solve mathematical problems.

Practical Life: Initiated by taking care of one's self in a changing environment through the use of coordination, concentration and social responsibilities.

Sensorial: Introduces the five senses (seeing, smelling, touching, tasting and listening) via manipulation of several different objects.